Hello, World!

Good morning Flutterverse!

Over the past year and more I've been skilling up in a new role at Microsoft Developer Relations, working on programs and projects that help support our professional, startup and student audiences. It has been an incredibly important part of my journey to help everyone translate technology awareness into actionable learning that can have impact on both products and careers.

But it has meant that I had to put some things on hold while I figured out how to prioritize my time across the many roles and responsibilities that I have to juggle as a working mom. Mobile and web development were never far from mind given my two decades of work across research, startups and academia. I just needed the right time and impetus to do something meaningful.

I think I may have found it - I can't say more about the context for now but I can say this. It gives me an opportunity to do two things that make me personally happy:

  1. Rapid Prototyping: Use current tools and technologies to bring ideas to life quickly, whether it is for a "minimum viable prototype" (think hackathons) or for "real-world validation" (think user feedback). The goal is to ask: can it be done? and is it useful?
  2. Sharing Knowledge. Document the learning process and best practices (tips & tricks) to make me more productive personally, and potentially help others who are following similar learning paths. The goal is to aid recall: what did I do? why this way? how can I do better?

My immediate goal is to document my rebooted journey into Flutter for an audience of one (me).
Once I have a reasonable body of work documented, I hope to share this with others who might find it useful. 

Journal Entry #1
May 10, 2020